Flawless Execution℠ University - More Than Just a Leadership Development Programleadership development program

Flawless Execution℠ University (FLEX U) is a high impact, deep dive into the Flawless Execution℠ model. FLEX U is more than a leadership development program as it introduces a six-step planning and collaboration process that you will not only learn, but utilize in real time to develop an actionable plan as you learn and apply the model. FLEX U is designed to help your organization close the execution gap in a two and a half-day management training workshop where you and your team members learn how to create and maintain a results-driven business environment while sustaining peak performance.

Flawless Execution℠ University is a center of gravity at Afterburner, and hundreds of graduates have emerged from FLEX U's interactive, intuitive leadership training course as true leaders in this battle-proven methodology. The journey into Flawless Execution℠ goes much deeper however; each candidate will immerse him or herself in thirty hours of in-depth exploration of the Flawless Execution℠ model and return to his or her organization prepared to transfer the process and plan into immediate action.

FlexU Open Enrollment Schedule for 2014

January 30-31
February 11-12
March 18-19
April 22-23
May 20-21
June 17-18
July 22-23
August 19-20
September 23-24
October 21-22
November 18-19
December 16-17

Experience Real Results Right Now with FLEX U's Management Training Program

The methodology for our management training program has its roots in the high-reliability world of military aviation. We believe the leadership development methods that have allowed some of the best teams in the world to survive and thrive in the world of combat are just as applicable in the world of business. The knowledge that was once reserved for the few who made it to Top Gun is now available to business leaders.

The leading-edge curriculum presented in FLEX U enables managers at all organizational levels to dramatically improve execution, and more importantly: IMPROVE RESULTS. Lead better, encourage breakthrough innovations, solve complex problems, and most importantly, close the execution gap with Afterburner's highly effective, forward-looking management training program. For more information, please download the FLEX U brochure pdf or contact us for more information on FLEX U: your alternative to the ordinary leadership training program.

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